Board of Directors

Remix Artistic Swimming Club is a not-for profit sports organization that is governed by a volunteer board and operated by both paid and volunteer coaching staff and numerous parent volunteers. The Board of Directors is elected by Remix’s members each year at its Annual General Meeting. The Board oversees the affairs of the organization and ensures the organization can effectively carry out its mission. Remix’s Directors are not representatives of particular teams or programs of the club, but rather collectively make decisions for the good of the whole organization. A call for nominations is held each year several months prior to the Annual General Meeting.

22/23 Board of Directors


Shari Armstrong 

[email protected]


Nicole Miller

[email protected] 


Shannon Savage

[email protected] 

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Kristin Slama

[email protected] 

Director of Fundraising 

Janelle Huang    

[email protected] 

Director at Large

Mila Verbinska    

[email protected]


22/23 Leadership and Management Team


Club Manager    

Katie Allaire

[email protected] 

Head Coach - Regional League/Comp

Tory Colby

[email protected] 

Head Coach - High Performance 

Manny Wu

[email protected]

Club Director

Jen Koptie

[email protected] 

Foundations Program Coordinator

Theresa Furlonge

[email protected] 

Uniform Coordinator

Amy Armstrong

[email protected] 

Pool Booking Coordinator

Tara Colby

[email protected]


Club Policies and Documents

If you have any questions about the policies and documents below, please contact us at [email protected]


Remix By-laws and Policies

Remix Bylaws

Registration, Fees, and Refund Policy


Canada Artistic Swimming Policies with Application to Remix

Safe & Welcoming Policy Suite – Overview

Appeal Policy

Conduct Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Discipline and Complaints Policy & Procedure

Discrimination, Harassment, & Maltreatment Policy

Coach Registration and Certification Policy

Concussion Policy

Concussion Protocol

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Screening Policy

Screening Disclosure Form


Ontario Artistic Swimming Policies with Application to Remix

Accessibility Policy

Athlete Health and Wellness Policy

Equity and Inclusion Policy

Prevention of Maltreatment Policy & Procedure


Insurance Certificates

Victoria Park Collegiate Institute

AY Jackson Secondary School

Don Mills Collegiate Institute

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

Malvern Collegiate Intitute

R. H. King Academy High School

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre