Sponsorship Program

Remix Artistic Swimming Club is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit sports club. Various fundraisers and sponsorship support help keep the club financially viable and keep costs affordable for its members. Please let us know if you have any questions about our program or becoming a sponsor.


Sponsorship Package 2022-2023


Fundraising Opportunities

At Remix all members are required to participate in Club fundraising events throughout the year. The type of fundraising events will be determined once club registration is completed and decided upon by the Board, Fundraising Chair, and Fundraising sub-committee. Families will be notified of the mandatory fundraising events at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members which takes place in early fall.


We have two three types of fundraising:


Club fundraising activities are mandatory for High-performance, Competitive swimmers and Regional League swimmers. These funds offset the cost of one-off events, such as athlete workshops; specific maintenance, such as sound system improvement; or capital costs, such as the purchase of training equipment, which benefit all club athletes. 


Individual swimmer fundraising activities are coordinated by the club and optional for High-performance, Competitive swimmers and Regional League. One hundred per cent of these funds are directed to swimmers’ individual accounts. Positive balances in the individual swimmer fundraising accounts of non-returning swimmers who have been out of the club for a minimum of two consecutive seasons will be moved into the general club fundraising account or may be transferred to a sibling swimming with Remix. 


Special Fundraising Teams may, with the prior approval of the Board, run special fundraisers. In all instances the Team seeking to raise additional funds must provide the Board with full details of the proposed fundraiser, including its purpose, how it will be promoted and how it will be administered. 


Remix Fundraising Policy


2022-2023 Fundraising Committee


Janelle Huang, Fundraising Committee Chair

Beili (Lily) Shi

Lisa Giuliani

Kristin Slama

Wei Liu

Lubna Hishan


To contact the Fundraising Committee please email [email protected]