About Our Club

Mission, Vision, and Values are an important process of any organization. As Remix is in its initial start up phase, we will be engaging in a crucial stakeholder process to update, adjust, and modify “Who We Are” with the inclusion of athlete, family, coach, and community member voices.



We will provide accessible, diverse and inclusive programming that supports individual athlete profile and goals within an equitable sport environment.



We believe that high achievement in sport can and will look different for all athletes and their families. Remix will provide equitable access to Artistic Swimming at all levels of our sport including to communities who have historically been absent from our sport. A competence and strength based framework will allow for us to continuously support each individual athlete while moving all athletes forwards in a celebrated team community.



  • We serve athletes and families 
  • Competency and Strength based programming 
  • Equity and Inclusion Action 
  • Professionalism and Integrity
  • High expectations of Equity
  • High levels of Care and Support


2022/2023 Board of Directors

President: Shari Armstrong - [email protected] 

Vice President: Nicole Miller - [email protected]

Treasurer: Shannon Savage - [email protected] 

Secretary: Janelle Huang - [email protected] 

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Jane Duffy - [email protected] 

Director at Large: Liudmyla Verbinska - [email protected]


Remix By-laws, Policies and Documents